Dr Terry Neeman

PhD Mathematical Statistics (University of Virginia, USA), AStat

Dr. Terry Neeman is a consultant at the Statistical Consulting Unit (SCU). She has a broad background in applied statistics in the areas of experimental design, bioinformatics, clinical trials, epidemiology, survey sampling, meta-analysis and data analysis of complex experiments. She has mentored many PhD students in the College of Medicine, Biology and the Environment and the College of Arts and Social Sciences, both one-to-one and through statistics workshops targeted in specific disciplines.

Terry completed her PhD in mathematical statistics in 1995, and has since developed her career in diverse areas. She has worked at the US Food and Drug Administration as a statistician on clinical teams reviewing clinical trials and protocols, as well as the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARE) designing sample surveys, developing non-parametric smoothing models, and interactive web-based reporting systems. Terry also was principal statistician at a multinational contract research organisation that runs large multi-centre clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry. She also worked as a statistical consultant in epidemiology at the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) and volunteers as a statistical reviewer to the Cochrane Collaborative.

Since coming to the SCU in 2007, Terry has taken on the challenge of improving statistics education in the sciences, while pursuing a masters degree in Biology to better communicate statistics in a subject-specific idiom.  She has developed a series of statistics workshops aimed at honours biology students. She is a regular lecturer in the Masters programs in Biotechnology and Translational Medicine. She regularly collaborates with clinicians at Canberra Hospital and ANU medical students on clinical research projects.

Recent Publications

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