Jonathan Rich

Project Manager

Jonathan has over 8 years of project management experience working within Australia and internationally. Since joining the Australian National University in October 2017, he has delivered the General Ledger Code (GLC) Request Project. As a result of this initiative, ANU has adopted new policy and procedures governing GLCs and the management of research and non-research grants. Additionally, a new GLC Request eForm was developed to standardise and streamline the GLC request process as a deliverable of this project. 

Prior to joining ANU, Jonathan worked as a project manager for the United States Government, He worked on several major initiatives that included advanced analytical support to executive level government leadership.  His previous experience included work as a foreign liaison officer to the Australian Government in 2014, supporting the mutual interests of both nations.

Jonathan has been living permanently in Australia since July 2017. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan, holding a Bachelors of Arts in History.