Project Delivery

Collaborate with the SIG to improve your service

If your business area is considering a process or service upgrade, SIG staff are available to discuss your needs and the different ways we can assist with your project delivery.

How can SIG help you deliver a service improvement project?

The Service Improvement Group (SIG) can assist your business area to deliver high-quality service improvement projects by employing a customer-led design process. SIG can provide you with the tools to simplify existing processes, integrate with existing university systems, or work with stakeholders to identify new ways of delivering services.

Below are some project development and delivery methodologies utilised by the SIG to support service improvement projects.

Multi-modal engagement

Engaging with staff and students across a range of media, to identify ideal outcomes through customer-led co-design

Communication strategies and plans

Using multimedia to promote services, and strengthen and support the planning and implementation process

Business process improvement

Rapid Improvement Events and business analysis

Program management

Managing the change process

Service redesign

Improving overall functionality to meet the needs of your customers

Ongoing support

Familiarisation briefing sessions to assist with the transition to the new service and priority support for new eForms

Benefits of SIG-assisted project delivery

Better staff development

University-wide standardisation

Improved reporting

Increased compliance

Better process management 

Risk management


Thinking about service improvement?

  • How can your service be improved?
  • What can be done better?
  • Are you achieving your business objectives?
  • Who are your customers?
  • Would you benefit from specialist assistance?


Collaborative service deliveries

Since 2012, the SIG has collaborated with business areas to project manage and deliver over 35 whole-of-University business and digital transformation projects. Below are a few of the most successful deliveries:

Graduation hat on an open text book

HDR Thesis Examinations and Submissions

Higher Degree Research/Division of Student Administration

Release date: October 2018
Deliverables: IDTC developed an eForm for digital HDR thesis submission, which saves time and delivers automated reminders to staff and students about deadlines and pending tasks. It also helps students track the status of their thesis examination with ease.

Person using a laptop and holding a printed page of graphs

Research Accounting Project

Finance and Business Services

Release date: September 2018
Deliverables: This project delivered a new policy and procedure that clearly identifies each stage of the approval process. The project also developed a streamlined, unified form to replace requests for S, Q and D funds. F&BS and IDTC are together continuing to look for ways to improve this process, for Version 2 of the eForm.

person using a laptop with floating icons surrounding it

Concur Purchase Cards

Finance and Business Services

Release date: May 2017
Deliverables: The Concur Expense Management project delivered a digital system for acquitting and approving expenses incurred on ANU purchase cards. This resulted in a reduction in paper usage, faster acquittal times, and a simplified workflow for purchase card users.


Academic pointing to equations on a chalk board

Visitors and Honorary Appointees

Human Resources Division

Release date: July 2015
Deliverables: An eForm was delivered which enabled ANU staff to nominate external individuals for visiting or honorary academic positions. This transformed a manual paper process into a simple online form, and automated the activation of ANU IDs and digital accounts for nominated visitors. The result was a significantly simplified, time-saving process.

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