Intelledox Digital Transformation Centre

What can IDTC do for you?

Staffed with experts in business transformation, eForm development, and project management, IDTC provides a range of services for each stage of a transformation project.

Rapid Improvement Events

Transforming business processes to minimise waste and painpoints for users

Workshops and demonstrations

Engaging users to ensure the new product is fit for purpose and accessible

eForm design and development

Rapid prototyping and ongoing communications to test and deliver eForms

Production support

Ensuring the system works smoothly, and creating user support videos

Thorough system testing

In-house manual and automated testing

Continuous Improvement updates

Looking for ways to improve the service after initial improvements are released

Technological innovation

Expertise in delivering innovative digital solutions to business problems


Providing resourcing analysis and user experience analysis

If you would like to discuss digital or business transformation in your area, please contact 


What is IDTC?

IDTC has produced 14 eForms, with over

100,000 submitted!

The Intelledox Digital Transformation Centre (IDTC) is the technical arm of the SIG, combining both digital and business transformation to reimagine and streamline manual business processes into customer-centred, digital solutions. IDTC was established in early 2015 following the donation of the Infiniti Software suite by the Intelledox software company. IDTC continues to develop dynamic eForms across the University.

The IDTC team coordinates with other SIG offices to enable digital improvements to ANU Business Unit services. IDTC works with stakeholders and business owners to investigate and transform the business process using human-centred co-design and LEAN process improvement techniques. IDTC then develops fully-integrated eForms with ongoing user input to enhance accessibility and efficiency. The team also takes an active role in continuous improvement and eForm support.

IDTC has transformed over 60 paper-based processes into dynamic digital solutions.


Internship program

IDTC supports the professional development of students interested in gaining a working knowledge of the IT industry and digital innovation through the IDTC Internship program.

Are you a sudent looking for a flexible internship, working in a fast-paced, dynamic team, which fits around your ANU Studies? Find out how to apply.


Our teams & contacts


Contact details
ANU Service Desk 
Phone +61 2 6125 4321
Director, Intelledox Digital Transformation Centre 
Phone +61 2 6125 7159


Contact details
Business Analyst
Phone + 61 2 6125 3328
EForms Developer
Phone +61 2 6125 6256
Senior Technical Lead
Phone +61 2 6125 6249
Business Analyst
Phone +61 2 6125 6247 (TBC)
Solutions Lead
Phone +61 2 6125 8977
Solutions Developer
Phone +61 2 6125 7339
Analyst Programmer
Phone +61 2 6125 1422
EForms Developer
Phone +61 2 6125 6252
Director IDTC
Phone +61 2 6125 7159
Business Analyst
Phone +61 2 6125 6241
Project Coordinator
Phone +61 2 6125 6244
EForms Developer
Phone +61 2 6125 6258