Intelledox Digital Transformation Centre

In September 2014, digitalisation software company, Intelledox, donated its flagship software, Infiniti, to The Australian National University (ANU). The donation of the Infiniti software, which is valued at one million dollars, will help transform the University's administrative practices through the digitalisation and streamlining of business processes.

To support the donation, the 'Intelledox Digital Transformation Centre' has been established within the University's Service Improvement Group. This centre will work closely with business areas to coordinate the design and delivery of automated and streamlined business processes with the long-term goal of ongoing administrative improvement.

This unique gift is expected to be significantly higher than the one million dollar value of the donation, with a range of long-term benefits:

  • greater efficiencies in work practices
  • decreased workloads, and
  • generated income from commercialised solutions.

About Intelledox

In 1992, two ANU alumni, Phillip Williamson (BSc - Botany and Biochemistry, 1988, GradCertMgt, 2003) and Michelle Melbourne (BSc - Psychology, 1991), established a software company called Intelledox.

The software is in the digitalisation sector covering electronic forms, process streamlining and data integration. Customers include major banks, insurers and governments both in Australia and internationally.  Intelledox is based in Canberra and has offices in Singapore, the UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong, USA and Canada. 

Intelledox has experienced rapid international growth in recent years, with 35 staff across Australia, Singapore, Toronto, New York and London and was listed in the Anthill Smart 100 in 2013, the BRW Fast 100 in 2010, 2011 and 2012. The company has delivered its product to over 300 customers and has a user base exceeding 400,000.

Infiniti at ANU

Infiniti (Intelledox software) is a mobile and cloud-enabled digitalisation platform that optimises business processes, eliminates paper forms and streamlines complex tasks. It is used by governments and corporations around the world.

Infiniti is an easy-to-use product which, unlike some of its competitors, does not require its users to have any specialised skills.

With countless paper-based and unimproved administrative processes at ANU, the potential impact that Infiniti can have on the efficiency of the University and the staff and student experience is powerful.

Infiniti will be used across the University to improve frustrating and inefficient processes with a focus on:

  • replacing complex manual processes with streamlined, fully-digitised solutions
  • seamlessly integrating technology to bring separate information silos together into a centralised location, and
  • creating the ability to produce targeted, personalised documents with the click of a button.

Our teams & contacts


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Director, Intelledox Digital Transformation Centre 
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Analyst Programmer
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Anna Foxcroft 
Business Analyst
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E Forms Developer
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Senior Technical Lead
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Claire Honeyman 
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Thomas Larkin 
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James Liu 
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Adam Rudley 
E Forms Developer
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A/g Director
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Yolandi Vermaak 
Project Support
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EForms Developer
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