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The ANU Experience Accelerator (EA) is the newest addition to the SIG team. Following the VC’s announcement focusing on student experience in 2020, the EA was established as a proof of concept. The ANU aims to provide a world-class student experience that is as good as the best in the world, holding its own amongst the top ranked Universities in the world.

To achieve this, the EA will drive innovation within the ANU by doing fast, easy and cheap experimentation methods to validate improvement ideas. The methodology of choice is pretotyping which focuses on “should we build it” rather than “can we build it” by testing the desirability of the idea with a targeted audience.

The premise of pretotyping is to fail fast and fail often. This means ideas of innovation that are likely to fail or be rejected by customers are not pursued further and you are left to focus and expand on ideas that have a better chance of success.

Pretotyping is an inexpensive way to place simple versions of an idea in front of a customer, to measure if they are interested in your idea and if they would use it.

During 2020 the EA focused on embedding pretotyping and proving the EA as proof of concept. In 2021 the aim will be to pursue the integration of pretotyping with Human Centred Design (HCD) capability. This will facilitate a better understanding of the deep wants and needs of our student/staff cohorts and help us solve the right problems.

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