Engagement & Impact

The Research Engagement and Impact (EI) Unit sits within the central Research Services Division under the DVC(RI) portfolio, and provides strategic organisational advice, guidance and support to senior management and academic staff regarding the design, development, and implementation of the University’s engagement and impact strategies and its external reporting requirements.

The Unit also provides training, coaching and mentoring to staff at all levels to enable delivery of high quality services relating to research information management and external communication on engagement and impact.

The EI Unit has a Sharepoint site that houses a wide range of resources and templates to support staff. The Unit also has a dedicated Engagement and Impact Assessment Sharepoint site where staff can find more information about the Government's reporting exercise, and the University's College-led, centrally-coordinated program to support this 3-yearly reporting exercise.

Our teams & contacts


Contact details
Support for Altmetric 
Phone 02 6125 4858
Support with Publications Management 
Phone +61 2 6125 9944


Contact details
Dr Anna Hutchens 
Manager, Engagement & Impact
Phone +61 2 6125 5321
Dr Leanne Brereton 
Senior Research Officer
Phone + 61 2 6125 2472
Tim Crosthwaite-Heaney 
Senior Research Officer
Shweta Gupta 
Research Project & Data Officer
Phone (on leave until Nov 1 2023)
Jill Mowbray-Tsutsumi 
Communications Coordinator, Engagement and Impact
Phone +61 2 6125 1514
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