Mr Glen O'Grady

Grad.Dip. Higher Ed. (NTU Singapore), Adv. Cert. Training & Assessment (IAL Singapore), M.A. Applied Social Research (Monash), B.A. Hons (Monash)

Teaching interests

Higher Education and Further Education; Cognitive Skills and Problem Solving; Problem-based Learning; Assessment; and the University's Teaching and Learning programmes: Foundations of University Teaching and Learning,  Graduate Certificate in Higher Education and Masters in Higher Education.

Research interests

Glen's broad research interests lie in constructivist pedagogies, both from a sociological and psychological perspective with a specific focus on Problem-based Learning, small group facilitation, student assessment, blended and flexible learning and the role of epistemology in conceptions of learning and teaching.


Glen joined CHELT in July 2012 as Deputy Director. He is formerly the Director for the Centre for Educational Development at the Republic Polytechnic, Singapore and led a Problem-based Learning Institute that facilitated the development of Problem-based Learning throughout Asia. He has held posts in academic staff development at The University of Queensland, The National University of Singapore and Ngee Ann Polytechnic in the role of academic staff development in higher and further education. He has run development programmes in numerous countries and has published in the areas of Problem-based Learning, Student Assessment and Vocational and Technical Education. He has chaired three International Symposiums on Problem-based Learning and is a member of the organising committee for the Pan-American PBL Association. He has been the editor of the International Newsletter PBL Reflections since 2003.

Glen's broad interests lie in constructivist pedagogies, both from a social and psychological perspective. His specific focus and research has been on Problem-based Learning, small group facilitation, student assessment, blended and flexible learning and epistemology.

Selection of Research and Publications

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