Margot Pearson

BA, MA Hons, (Auckland) EdS (Michigan)
Visiting Fellow

Research interests

ARC Research Capacity Building, PhD programs

Professional interests

Formerly Director of the University's Centre for Educational Development and Academic Methods (CEDAM), Margot has been involved in research on higher and doctoral education and research training since the early 1990s. Her earlier publications have drawn on three substantial government funded research studies (Cullen, Pearson, Saha & Spear, 1994; Pearson & Ford, 1997; Thompson, Pearson, Akerlind, Hooper & Mazur, 2001) that have extended our understanding of how research training is constituted for both doctoral students and early career researchers.

She is a founding and current member of the Steering Group for fIRST; a member of IDERN, an international group of researchers on doctoral education and regularly reviews for international journals.

Recent funded research projects

2006-2009 ARC Discovery Project: Research capacity-building: the development of the Australian PhD programs in national and emerging global contexts (CI with T. Evans, Deakin & P. Macauley, RMIT), now leading to conference papers and publications.

DEEWR/ARC funded project (offshoot of ARC Discovery) to produce a database of PhD thesis records 1989-2006 using RFCD codes (Macauley, P., Evans, T. & Pearson, M. (2009)) with an extension in 2011 to update the database and trial coding on 3 categories using ANZSRC codes.

2005-2007 ARC Linkage Grant Project CI with T. Evans & P. Macauley: Working Students: Reconceptualising the doctoral experience.  This project produced 2 PhD theses by students funded on the project, and analyses of a national survey of PhD students carried out in 2005 that produced data on the characteristics and activities of contemporary doctoral candidates including their workforce participation, family and domestic responsibilities, and goals.


Margot is co-supervising 1 PhD student, and is on 3 PhD supervisory panels as an adviser in the Graduate Research Field of Education at the ANU.

Selected publications in doctoral education

Pearson, M., Cumming, J., Evans, T.,  Macauley, P. & Ryland, K. (2011) How shall we know them? Capturing the diversity of difference in Australian doctoral candidates and their experiences.  Special issue in Studies in Higher Education.

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Macauley, P., Evans, T. & Pearson, M. (2010) Australian PhDs by LIS educators, researchers and practitioners: Depicting diversity and demise. Library & Information Science Research, 32:4.

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Selected conference papers on doctoral education

Austin, A., Kiley, M., Pearson, M. (2009) Critical Issues in Doctoral Education: Comparison of Challenges and Responses in Australia and the United States. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), Vancouver.

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