Karen Sanecki-Jones

BSc (Environmental Science) CSU
Staff Education & ANU Online Senior Administrator


Karen is responsible for CHELT's and ANU Online's financial management, including accounts payable/receivable, purchase card processing, budgets and reimbursements, as well as CHELT's and ANU Online's human resource requirements. Karen is also responsible for travel administration, stationery and maintenance requests.

Professional interests

Accounting, Business and Human Resource Management 


Sanecki, G.M, Sanecki, K.L, Wright, G.T. and Johnston, F.M. (2003) The response of yarrow (Achillea millefolium L.) to herbicide application in the Snowy Mountains, south-eastern Australia. Weed Research43, 357-361.

Sanecki, G.M, Green, K, Wood, H, Lindenmayer, D and Sanecki, K.L (2006) The influence of snow cover on home range and activity of the bush-rat (Rattus fuscipes) and the dusky antechinus (Antechinus swainsonii). Wildlife Research 33, 489- 496.