Jamie Kidston

Manager, Multimedia Communication & Production

Jamie is a graduate of LaTrobe University and Queensland University of Technology and has worked in the media/communications sector for almost 20 years. He recently committed to Canberra, moving into town full time and can't work out why it took him so long.

Jamie's professional background is principally in cinematography but he has developed, shot and edited content and campaigns for government, transnational organisations and broadcasters domestically and internationally. Jamie has worked extensively across the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Between 2007 and late 2010 Jamie was a consultant to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation undertaking Strategic Communications activities for the Afghan National Army, Police and Ministry of Border and Tribal Affairs. In 2008 he was shot and wounded by a sniper whilst operating in Kandahar's Arghandab Valley with elements of the Selab 201st and Atal 205th Corps. He is one of a very small group of civilians to have been awarded NATO's Meritorious Service Medal by the Secretary General. Jamie has interviewed warlords, prime ministers, presidents, want-to-be heads of state, drug lords, generals and Taliban but feels more comfortable throwing difficult questions to ANU researchers.

Jamie leads SCAPA's multimedia team and is crucial in bringing the team's storytelling to life. His work includes producing stories on ANU researchers, students and alumni and articulating their fascinating research and stories through video.

In his downtime, Jamie can be found in his kayak playing catch and release with the big fish off Jervis Bay and taking a scientific approach to backyard compost production