Daniel Brown

Manager, Strategic Partnership Development (Africa, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, UK)
  • Partner visits
  • New international business opportunities with a focus on research.
  • Research and funding opportunities with Embassies.
  • Critical intelligence-gathering.
  • Emerging opportunities, risks and changes.
  • Country-specific research partnership strategies.
  • Information on the International Visits framework, including University-level policies and procedures.
  • Developing partnerships with Higher Degree Research (HDR) agents.

Daniel has 15 years of experience working in international higher education at quality universities in Queensland, New South Wales, and now in the Australian Capital Territory. Prior to international education, he lived in Asia for almost a decade as a development consultant in Vietnam, an educator in Thailand and Japan, and as a Chinese-English lexicographer in Taiwan. With extensive work experience in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, the Subcontinent, the Middle East and Africa, Daniel is comfortable operating globally.

With a current emphasis on Europe, the Americas and emerging markets, Daniel is responsible for leading the development of new international business opportunities with a focus on research. He is tasked with undertaking critical intelligence-gathering activities in relation to international development and providing expert advice to the University Executive, Senior Management Group, and Colleges. Daniel also acts as a strategic liaison with embassies to identify research and funding opportunities and increase the profile of ANU.

Daniel grew up on properties in the Central Queensland bush and loves anything that involves horses, the sea and the great outdoors.