Amy Holland

International Partnerships & Compliance Coordinator
  • Management of and advice regarding existing and prospective international partnerships and agreements 

  • Policy and procedure advice for developing partnerships. 

  • Management of records and relationships relating to international agreements  

Amy has been working at the ANU since 2013 across a diverse range of areas, including the Research Services Division, the School of Culture, History and Language and International Strategy and Partnerships. Amy is skilled at project management and policy development and currently manages the University's International Agreements. She holds a Bachelor of Asian Studies (Japanese) from the ANU and in between study and working at the ANU, she also worked in the ACT Government in policy and communications roles. 

Amy is responsible for managing relationships and agreements between the ANU and institutions around the world as well as providing expert advice to the executive on past, existing and developing relationships. 

Amy is passionate about the Japanese language and culture, having spent three years in Japan for study and work.