Digital Marketing Team

How can the Digital Marketing Team help you?

If you think you need a new website or want help updating your digital presence, we will ask you questions like What is the user problem that you are trying to solve? Is static text the best way to communicate with your user? What about video or infographics? How will the new information fit with what came before and what comes after?

The Digital Marketing Team (DMT) is a group of talented marketers, writers and designers, trained in the dark arts of digital marketing: content development, search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing and marketing automation.

The DMT adopts a user-first approach to our work. We believe meeting user-needs is integral to achieving business objectives. We look at different digital tools and how they communicate with people – websites, mobile apps, eDM (electronic direct mail) and social media – to help you choose the right channel to get your message heard and understood by the right audience at the right time.


User Experience & Accessibility Reviews

Not sure how your audience will react to a new design? We can assist with advice on improving your user experience and ensuring your site is friendly and accessible.

We can also assist with ensuring your website meets WCAG AA accessibility standards 

Website Style Development & Advice

We work closely with ANU Brand to ensure there is a consistent brand experience across all ANU websites and web applications. 

Templates and stylesheets are available to provide your website or social media presence with the ANU look and feel. We also have a set of style classes which you can use to enhance your Drupal pages

We can assist with styling your website so it aligns with the ANU Identity.

Web Training & Access

If you need access to edit content on any of the ANU websites listed below you need to request access and attend a training session.

Please complete the Drupal Access Request and attach it to a Service desk ticket.

Training is fortnightly on a Wednesday via Teams. We'll be in touch to organise this once your form is submitted.

New Webpage Development

Are you putting together a new website or want to add a new landing page on an existing site? We can assist with the design, registration and build of your new page or site. We also provide a step by step guide for setting up a new ANU website.

Campaign Space Landing Pages

We can help you set up a custom campaign space on the ANU website. Whether you are planning events; sharing articles; or marketing prospective students, we can assist with the setup an management of your campaign page and ensure it meets the needs of your target audiences.

Google Analytics Reporting & Access

The Digital Marketing Team manages the Google Analytics accounts for all central websites. Find out how many users visit your pages and analyse their browsing behaviour. Contact us for reporting and access to GA.

Google Tags for Tracking

We look after the University's Google Tag Manager account, allowing marketing scripts, lead capture, tracking and webform scripts to be integrated into the ANU websites. 



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