Technology Transfer Office

What we do

Provide expertise under delegated authority on intellectual property (IP) capture and technology transfer; entrepreneurship training; and related business engagement.

Our key activities

  • Research to Business: Identify, evaluate, protect and transfer ANU IP to businesses to develop products and services for the benefit of society
  • Engagement: Maintain and build a network of partners (businesses and investors) to support the technology transfer and business engagement activities of the University
  • New Company Growth: Support entrepreneurial staff to build new companies based on ANU IP
  • Growing Skills: Run a suite of training programs for staff and students on IP management, commercialisation, business building and industry engagement

Our teams & contacts


Contact details
Dr Fiona Nelms 
Phone +61 2 6125 9187
Dr Gwen Allison 
Business Development Manager (Life Sciences), Hot-desks in RSB and RSC
Phone +61 2 6125 9243
Jo Bryant 
IP Administrator
Phone +61 2 6125 3260
Dr Karen Edwards 
Business Development Manager (Life Sciences), Hot-desks in RSB, RSC and Fenner
Phone +61 2 6125 4650
Dr Lindsay Hogan 
Business Development Manager
Phone +61 2 6125 1492
Dr Kerrie Jackson 
Business Development Manager (Physical Sciences), Hot-desk in CECS
Phone +61 2 6125 2176
Vicki Stanley 
Marketing Communications Administrator
Phone +61 2 6125 6446