Executive Search

ANU Executive Search is the Human Resource Divisions specialist consulting team for executive leadership opportunities across The Australian National University.

Our tailored approach attracts remarkable individuals, contributing to our University’s strategic vision of recruiting and retaining the world’s best talent to build a culture of academic excellence.

We work collaboratively in partnership with key stakeholders and Hiring Managers to provide an integrated recruitment service. ANU Executive Search is focused on understanding the scope of executive, academic and professional leadership positions to deliver key competencies and source world class experts and leaders.

ANU Executive Search is committed to promoting gender equality and diversity in all our recruitment practices. We engage inclusively and meaningfully to encourage diverse expertise and talent to ANU.

ANU Executive Search specific responsibilities Include:

  • Developing and implementing customised recruitment search strategies
  • Sourcing national and global candidates for senior academic, executive and professional roles
  • Providing operational support to local HR, including advertising and contract preparation
  • Relocation and onboarding of the newly appointed executives

Our teams & contacts


Contact details
Executive Search 
Phone +61 2 6125 2555


Contact details
Christie O'Higgins 
Manager, ANU Executive Search
Phone +61 6125 2555
Kent Vidler 
Deputy Manager, ANU Executive Search
Phone +61 2 6125 9997
Sarena Bunce 
Senior Consultant, ANU Executive Search
Phone +61 2 6125 1863
Priyanka Gaitonde 
Talent Acquisition Consultant, ANU Executive Search
Phone +61 6125 1032
Rachel Murray 
Search & Onboarding Administrator
Phone +61 6125 1085
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