Cash in Transit Services

Cash in Transit Services

The University has a contract with Wilson Security for the provision of Cash in Transit Services to the ANU Acton Campus. The contract expires in October 2020.

Cash in Transit Services reduce the risk to staff in the physical transport of money to a bank. Staff response for handling cash have access to this service.


Wilson Security conduct a routine collection on campus three (3) days a week. If you wish to be included in this schedule, please email the University Procurement and Contract Office (UPCO) at with the location and frequency of the pickup, the required destination and a charge code. Wilson Security will then coordinate routing for collection. These collections will be charged at $22.50 per collection.

One off / ad hoc collections can be arranged at a cost of $60 per collection. Please contact Wilson Security (using the contact details below) at least 24 hours in advance of the required collection.

Order Placement

As part of the service, sealed bags will be provided by Wilson Security. You will be required to sign a receipt to confirm the bag has been collected and Wilson Security will confirm deliveries via receipt. Copies of these receipts will be returned to the University for record keeping.

Invoicing Procedures

Wilson Security submits a consolidated monthly invoice to the University that details each collection point. Charges for your area will be journalled by the Financial Shared Services Centre based on the number of collections made from your area in the previous month.

Contact Details

The contact details for Wilson Security are as follows:

Luke Wilson -  T: 0466 326 051  E: