North Australia Research Unit

North Australia Research Unit (NARU) operates as a campus of ANU, managed by the Facilities & Services Division. ANU academic and research staff based at NARU remain part of their school while at NARU. This structure frees research staff to focus on their research with the full support of their peers. This dynamic structure also allows ANU to respond to new research opportunities in north Australia.

The NARU Academic Advisory Committee is responsible for providing advice and direction for the unit.

Cyclone season

The Top End of the Northern Territory is naturally prone to tropical cyclone events with some two to three cyclones affecting the Darwin region between November and April each year.

Please check with the Bureau of Meteorology for any current cyclone warning for the Darwin area prior to your departure.

In the event of a cyclone warning being issued by the Bureau of Meteorology the NARU campus will be closed up unto the cyclone warning has been downgrade or cancelled.

In the event of a cyclone occurrence in the Darwin area please confirm with NARU administration staff if the campus has reopened prior to your arrival.


NARU is easily accessible by car and is located next to the Charles Darwin University Casurina Campus. The campus is 15km from Darwin and approximately 8km from Darwin International Airport.

Using Carshare integrated website and wireless swipe card access, you can access any car in the Carshare fleet dotted all over the city of Darwin, access is 24/7. Carshare is located a 10 minute walk from NARU, at Uni Lodge 6 Dripstone Rd, Casuarina.

Our postal address is PO Box 41321,Casuarina NT 0810.

Our teams & contacts


Contact details
North Australia Research Unit 
Phone +61 8 8920 9999
+61 8 920 9988


Contact details
John Nai-Smith 
Operations Manager
Phone +61 8 8920 9966
David Williams 
Facilites & General Services Officer
Phone +61 8 8920 9996