Equity and Belonging

The ANU Strategic Plan 2021-2025 sets out the University's objective to become “a standard-bearer for equity and inclusion”. Equity and Belonging works as a part of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student and University Experience) Portfolio to assist ANU in meeting this goal for the whole University community, including staff and students. 

Equity and Belonging are responsible for coordinating the governance and strategies of the University’s inclusion and diversity activities through the following avenues:  

  • Secretariat to the University’s IDEA Governance Framework, and its related groups, to ensure good governance and effective outputs. 

  • Project management of ANU equity and belonging related strategic initiatives, identified by the Deputy-Vice Chancellor (Student and University Experience), to ensure timely and focused outputs.   

  • Background research and data analysis on equity and belonging themes to enable evidence-based decision making. 

  • Consultation and engagement activities in support of the development of University-wide plans relating to equity and belonging. 

  • Oversight and coordination of University diversity and inclusion-related accreditations, such as:  Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) Athena Swan.

Equity and Belonging champions a coordinated, strategic approach to pursuing the University’s equity and inclusion objectives by: 

  • Collaborating closely with stakeholders across the University to help grow capacity in the equity and belonging space. 

  • Considering issues from intersectional perspectives – such as gender, disability, carer status, Indigenous, linguistic and cultural diversity, LGBTQIA+, and more – creating a holistic and multi-dimensional approach to matters of inclusion. 

  • Promoting equity and inclusion topics and themes, and the important role they play within the university experience, throughout the university. 

  • Promoting evidence-based decision making in relation to equity and diversity planning and development, and the adoption of best practice in wellbeing data collection and analysis. 


The Equity and Belonging team reports to the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student and University Experience). 

Our Team

Equity & Belonging (functional account): belonging@anu.edu.au 

Margaret Murphy, Head, Equity and BelongingMargaret.Murphy@anu.edu.au 

Ebe Ganon, Senior Project Officer​: Ebe.Ganon@anu.edu.au 

Ed Briedis, Project Officer: Edmund.Briedis@anu.edu.au

Lucy Chen, Administrative Officer: Lucy.Chen@anu.edu.au 

Susannah French, Administrative Officer: Susannah.French@anu.edu.au



Racism. It Stops With Me.

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'Racism. It Stops With Me' is a campaign intitated by the Australian Human Rights Commission

Racism is more than just harmful words or individual actions. It includes biases in our society, its laws, institutions and ways  of thinking. The Australian National University is committed to learning more and taking action every day to challenge racism in our community.

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