Academic Standards & Quality Office

The Academic Standards and Quality Office (ASQO) provides advice, direction and compliance implementation for the Higher Education Support Act 2003 (HESA), the Education Services for Overseas Students Act (ESOS) and ANU Policy, Procedures and Rules.

ASQO has extensive liaison and provision of advice to the Department of Education and the Department of Home Affairs, and is crucial to ensuring the University's compliance with Government legislation.

ASQO provides domestic and international students with advice on ANU student related rules and policy and operationally advices, directs and implements compliance for the Higher Education Support Act (HESA) and Education Services for Overseas Students Act (ESOS).

ASQO support the curriculum management activities of the University through programs and course accreditation, scheduling and classes and the publication of the ANU Handbook online through Programs and Courses.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • providing advice on academic policies and procedures;
  • ensuring compliance with student visa regulations;
  • registration of ANU programs for CRICOS;
  • administration of US Financial Aid;
  • reporting of education activities to the Commonwealth;
  • administration of student appeals, coordination of development and review of academic rules, policies and procedures;
  • maintenance of curriculum information in the student administration system and on Programs & Courses;
  • liaison with Commonwealth departments and authorities on student, education and regulation matters.

Our teams & contacts


Contact details
Academic Standards and Quality Office 
Phone +61 2 6125 1436
Phone +61 2 6125 1711
Commonwealth Student Data Reporting 
Phone +61 2 6125 2507
Curriculum policy and accreditation 
Phone +61 2 6125 3531
Programs and Courses 
Phone +61 2 6125 1712


Contact details
Jo Higgins 
Assistant Registrar
Phone +61 2 6125 8194
Alex Wood 
Policy, rules and legislation
Student appeals
Phone +61 2 6125 5948
Narelle Buckley 
Deputy Manager
Programs and Courses
Department of Education reporting
Phone +61 2 6125 9821
Jessica Chan 
Compliance Officer
International student monitoring & reporting
Student policies & procedures
Phone +61 2 6125 1436
Fan Cheng 
Reporting Officer
Department of Education reporting
Phone +61 2 6125 3701
Ryan Johnson 
Senior Reporting Officer
Department of Education reporting
Phone +61 2 6125 1432
Vivian Phung 
Senior Administration Officer
Curriculum policy and accreditation
Academic projects
Phone +61 2 6125 3531
Tom Ritchie 
Senior Policy Officer
US Financial Aid
ESOS and National Code queries
Phone +61 2 6125 5551
Kathryn Sanft 
Deputy Manager
Student Appeals
ESOS and National Code
Phone +61 2 6125 1711
Susan Soka 
Programs and Courses Officer
Programs and Courses Publication
Phone +61 2 6125 1712
Deb Wilson 
Senior Academic Integrity Officer
Student Appeals
Academic Integrity
Phone +61 2 6125 7623
Katie Wilson 
Senior Compliance Officer
Policy, rules and legislation
Phone +61 2 6125 9765