The rules for the setting of census dates are:

  • The census date must fall on a Friday.  There are exceptions, but must be approved by the Registrar.
  • Commonwealth legislation specifies that they must be no earlier than 20 per cent of the way through the period of time during which the class is undertaken.
  • The duration of the unit should include any normal study breaks, assessments and/or exam periods.

Teaching period

Census date


Between 1/1/20YY and 31/03/20YY

Semester 1

5 April


Between 1/4/20YY and 30/6/20YY


Between 1/7/20YY and 30/9/20YY

Semester 2

31 August


Between 1/10/20YY and 31/12/20YY

Census dates for coursework classes in non-standard terms are calculated automatically by the student administration system. The Census date for classes in the non-standard terms determines which term a class is scheduled. A change to a class start/end date in a non-standard term will cause a change to the census date and therefore may change the term the course is scheduled.

Census dates for all courses are published on the Programs & Courses website.