Associate Professor Hwan-Jin Yoon

PhD Applied Statistics (University of Melbourne), AStat
Consultant & Researcher

Dr Hwan-Jin Yoon joined the Statistical Consulting Unit at The Australian National University in 2008, having previously worked in the Department of Primary Industries in Victoria as a biometrician. He completed PhD in applied Statistics at the University of Melbourne, 2005. He has extensive experience in experimental design and random effects models, statistical moderation, survival analysis, and multivariate analysis in social science, medical science, environmental science, ecology, biology and engineering and computer science.

Dr Hwan-Jin Yoon is an Accredited Statistician (AStat) with the Statistical Society of Australia.  

Recent Publications

Frank, M.P. van Haren, Alice Richardson, Hwan-Jin, Yoon  et all, (2020). INHALEd nebulised unfractionated HEParin for the treatment of hospitalised patients with COVID-19 (INHALE-HEP): Protocol and Statistical Analysis Plan for an investigator-initiated international meta-trial of randomised studies, British Journal of Clinical pharmacology, DOI: 10.1111/bcp.14714

Denise C McGregor, Amanda Padovan, Arthur Georges, Andrew Krockenberger, Hwan-Jin Yoon, Kara N Youngentob (2020). Genetic evidence supports three previously described species of Greater Glider, Petaurioides volans, P. minor, and P.armillatus, Nature ,Scientific reports, 10

Yoon, HJ., and Welsh, AH. (2020). On the eect of ignoring correlation in the covariates when tting linear mixed models. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 204, 1834. DOI:10.1002/asi.23187.

Fuenzalida,TI., Bryant, CJ., Ovington,LI., Yoon,HJ., Oliveira, RS., Sack, L., and Ball, MC. (2019). Shoot surface water uptake enables leaf hydraulic recovery in Avicennia marina. New Phytologist 224(4), 1504-1511

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