Eleonora Quijada Cervoni

PhD (in progress, ANU); MA (San Francisco State Uni.); BA Magna Cum Laude (San Francisco State Uni.)
Educational Fellowship Scheme
Staff Education

Eleonora Quijada Cervoni, FHEA

PhD (in progress - Australian National University)
MA (San Francisco State University, USA)
BA Magna Cum Laude (San Francisco State University, USA)

Centre for Higher Education, Learning & Teaching (CHELT)



Eleonora has been working at the Centre for Higher Education, Learning and Teaching (CHELT) in the area of Staff Education since 2014. She is involved in different aspects of teaching and supporting the ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme (EFS) in the area of professional development and recognition of university teachers.

Eleonora has 13 years of experience in teaching languages at tertiary level. She was Associate Lecturer and course convenor of French at ANU from 2010 to 2013, Lecturer and course convenor of French at the University of Canberra in 2010, and course co-convenor and tutor of Spanish at ANU from 2008 to 2010. She was nominated for the CASS Award of Excellence in Tutoring 2011. She also worked as a teacher of Spanish and French and Curriculum Developer at the ANU Centre for Continuing Education. She has taught English as a Second Language at the Institute of Graduate Diplomatic Studies “Pedro Gual” in Venezuela, French at San Francisco State University in the USA, and more recently Business English and Spanish at Educom in Stuttgart, Germany.

Other Professional Practice

Eleonora’s background is multidisciplinary.  During her professional journey pre-academia, she was National Sales Manager for Virgin Mobile (2003-2006), and she was appointed Honorary Consul for Venezuela in Melbourne (2001-2004) by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


Her current research interest is in the areas of Teaching and Learning Languages. Her PhD in Applied Linguistics steps in the fields of second language teaching & learning, general education and pedagogy, and educational psychology. The focus of her study is on how to engage students to speak in the language class at tertiary level, and therefore on what 'we' can do as teachers to create a more favourable environment in the classroom for the students to speak in the L2.


Quijada Cervoni, E. & Martin M.D. (2013).  Incorporating technology into teaching L2 conversation through Scenarios, pp 363 – 375, in Travis, C., Hayek, J., Nettelbeck, C., Beckmann, E., Lloyd-Smith, A. (Eds.), Selected Proceedings of the Second National LCNAU Colloquium, Canberra 3 – 5 July 2013. Melbourne: Languages and Culture Network for Australian Universities.