Associate Professor Beth Beckmann

PhD (University of New England), MHE (Australian National University), GradCertHE (Australian National University), GDipNatRes (University of New England), MA, BA Hons (University of Cambridge)
Reader, Staff Education (Teaching & Learning)

Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA)
Certified Member, Association of Learning Technology (CMALT)


  • Australian National Teaching Fellowship (2014)
  • Australian Awards for University Teaching: Citation for an Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning (2013, Office for Learning and Teaching)
  • Australian Awards for University Teaching: Citation for an Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning (2011, Australian Learning and Teaching Council)
  • ANU Vice-Chancellor's Award for a Program that Enhances Learning (2011)
  • ANU Vice-Chancellor's Award for Innovation and Excellence in Service Quality
  • ANU Vice-Chancellor's Citation for an Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning (2009)

External Roles

  • Chair, Australian Capital Territory Ministerial Advisory Council on Women (2017-18)
  • Visiting Fellow, QUT Academy of Learning & Teaching

Professional Recognition

  • Principal Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA)
  • Certified Membership of the Association of Learning Technology
  • ANU International Women's Day Certificate of Recognition

Leadership Roles

  • Co-Chair, ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme
  • Associate Dean (Staff Development and Technology-Enhanced Learning), ANU Colleges of Science
  • Chair, ANU Press Editorial Board (Education)

Summary of Activities

Beth holds joint positions with the ANU Centre of Higher Education, Learning and Teaching (CHELT) and the ANU Colleges of Science. Among many other teaching development activities, she convenes the fully modular and flexible ANU Academic Professional Development program, including the award-winning Foundations of University Teaching and Learning.

As an Australian National Teaching Fellow researching the professional recognition of university teaching, and Convenor and Co-Chair of the ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme since 2013, Beth has national and institutional leadership roles, especially through engagement with the UK-based Higher Education Academy (HEA). In May 2016, she convened the first Australasian Symposium on Professional Recognition of University Educators, and the first ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme Colloquium.

Beth's ground-breaking doctoral research on the effectiveness of experiential learning in natural settings led to two decades of work as a consultant in educational research and development in the public sector. Beth's current research interests centre on the improvement of teaching quality at the tertiary level, through unifying themes such as the professional development and recognition of university teachers; authentic, experiential and research-led learning; and design-based research as an approach to innovation with educational technologies.

Selected Publications

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