Dinah Withey

Executive Assistant to Ed O’Daly, Director, ANU Communications and Engagement

Prior to joining ANU, Dinah had a colourful career as a vision mixer and subsequent roles in the heyday of live commercial television in Sydney.

Returning to her birthplace, she started at ANU in 1999, as Hall Administrator to Burton and Garran Hall. She stayed within the Residential Halls until 2005 when she became EA to Prof Penny Oakes, PVC (University Community)/ Dean of Students.

Dinah spent the next decade with the Dean of Students, kicking off key student and community development programs. The Office’s core business was to assist all students when problems or grievances arose in their academic or personal life and here Dinah’s empathy, discretion and humour played a major part.

In 2016, after a three-year Gap Year, she returned as EA to Jane O’Dwyer (Vice-President, Engagement & Global Relations) and has continued in that role to Ed O’Daly, Director, ANU Communications and Engagement.

If you have any questions about ANU’s past, present or future, if she does not have the answer, she will find it out for you.