Aliya Steed

BA (Hons) ANU, MEd (Flexible Learning) USQ
Manager, Educational Design

Aliya is the Manager, Educational Design at ANU Online. 

Aliya has worked as an academic developer and educational designer at the ANU since 2004, as part of both central and college-based teams.

After spending 5 years working at the University's central education unit, CEDAM, Aliya moved to the ANU College of Law. From 2005-2016, Aliya lead the college's educational design team, CEIST (College Education and Innovation Support Team).  During this time, she worked extensively on a variety of design projects across the programs offered by the College of Law, with a particular focus in the College's postgraduate online degrees. Aliya has a Masters in Education and an undergraduate degree in History. 

Her scholarly interests include flexible and online learning, educational technologies, design and change management, specifically in higher education contexts.

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